These Are What Your Unfulfilled Promises Feel Like

Warren Wong
Warren Wong

Yes yes, I like when the sky above is blue,

Yes yes I like it so much when it’s just me and you,

Yes yes I promise I’ll be true, I’ll be so true to you,

Yes yes I said it, I said I’ll always be here for you.

Yes yes I like it when you’re cruel,

Yes yes I look forward to meet you,

Yes yes I love it when you cry when it rains,

Yes yes I hate it too when we say goodbye.

Yes yes, I won’t kill flowers to make you smile,

Yes yes, I will sing for you Five Hundred Miles,

Yes yes, I will wait for you when it’s snowing,

Yes yes I swear I will protect you when the cold wind is blowing.

Yes yes I swear to never leave you behind,

Yes yes I swear I will never be mean but always kind,

Yes yes I will compliment you when you wake up everyday,

Yes yes I will follow you wherever you say.

Yes yes I will say it a million times if you want,

Yes yes my love will stay with you even if I can’t,

Yes yes I said it, I said I will love you until I die,

So why did you leave me without a goodbye? TC mark


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