In 2017, Practice Understanding

Mario Klassen
Mario Klassen

Ask people what they want in this life and see how differently they answer that question,

Some will ask for material things, cars, houses, condos, yachts, bungalows and châteaux in the countryside. Sometimes for themselves, sometimes all they want is to give such things to people they love in their life.

Some will say they want nothing but peace and good health for themselves and for their loved ones.

Some wish for the night to end quickly, while some wish that it should never end, because in the morning they’ll have to say goodbye to someone they don’t want to say goodbye to.

Some will say they want to destroy someone with no repercussions on themselves, some want to kill, maim, blind, burn others but they want it all without the doubt, guilt or shame or fear.

Some want revenge, some want redemption. Often they confuse the two. Some want clarity, some want to live in the haze of nothingness.

For some, their reality is the dream they never want to awake from so they fear sleep because they fear it’ll all disappear,

for some, their reality is a nightmare, and they never want to wake up, afraid that nothing will disappear.

Some want so desperately to be happy, but they’re too used to sadness, some want to cry, but can’t afford to, because they are the support of someone else.

Some people want to break down, but are standing tall in their bravery. Some want to stand up tall, but are lying down afraid of stumbling if they stood up.

Some want love to fill all the empty places in their life, some want to clear their lives and make some empty places, as their lives are filled with too much emotional baggage but none of the emotions left to relate to them.

Some people have just had enough of everything, some people can’t get enough of everything.

Some are running towards cliffs,

some are building mountains to protect themselves,

some want their life to move on a steady pace,

some want it to move slowly because life seems to be slipping too quickly away for them.

Some want to drown when they look upon the ocean from the shore, some want to sail upon it and go somewhere where nobody knows them,

some want to drive until the road ends, some want to stay in their room until their life ends.

Some are running towards a love they can’t afford to let go, some are running away from a love like that out of fear and insecurity,

some are falling into love, some are falling out of it, neither of them know what is happening, some are getting drunk to forget, some are getting drunk to remember.

some are running away from regrets, some are running towards them.

Some are living in prisons they created for themselves, some are breaking the walls of these prisons finally.

Some are living like they’re going to die tomorrow, some are living like they died yesterday.

Some are going crazy over their failures, others are going crazy over their successes.

The point is, everyone you know, every single person you see, is similar to you, even if they’re different in their struggles, in their happiness, strengths, weaknesses, methods of loving, hating or caring, but it doesn’t mean they’re not worth anything. Everybody is worth amazing things. You are too. Never doubt that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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