The Day I Found Forever Had An Expiration Date

Sanja Marušić

Here I go once again, trying to fix something
I didn’t break, “Why?” you keep asking me,
I can’t give answers to questions that
don’t have any,
and even if they did, you wouldn’t accept them.

Here I go once again, trying to change your mind
when I know you won’t, I can’t be happy unless
you are too and you love being miserable,
what am I to do? “Let’s talk!” I keep shouting
but you have nothing to fight for anymore.

Here I go once again, waiting all day for a simple
yes or no, “Maybe” is all you say,
Please tell me if I should pack my bags or should I
try my best for you once again?
I can’t keep going in circles like this, I’m losing myself.

“Let me go,” is what I keep telling you,
but you don’t want to, you’re selfish and you’re scared,
I understand, I understand, but I’m worn out and afraid,
I can’t stand being in the wrong every time you make a mistake.
I have to stand up for myself this time.

“Goodbye,” is all I wrote in a note
and taped it to our door,
“Whatever you want,” is what you said
in the brief voicemail,
and “This is for the best,” I told myself
and to you
and all our friends, “we weren’t compatible anyway.”

But we both know we meant “forever” when we said it back then.
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