Someday You’re Going To Meet Her

Scott Webb
Scott Webb

Someday you’re going to meet a girl. Her eyes will sparkle like every star you’ve ever seen, all at once. Her smile will make your heart beat like the feet of a 4th grader learning to Double Dutch for the first time. There will be champagne in her walk, and you’ll wanna get drunk off her footsteps. When she introduces herself, her name will instantly become your new favorite word.

On your first date, she’ll make a reference to Dostoyevsky as she sips her Woodford Reserve. The first time you kiss her, her lips will be made of every sugar craving you’ve ever had. The first time you tell her you love her, she’ll smile and say, “I know,” and you wont even be the slightest bit upset that she made a Star Wars joke out of a serious moment. When you meet her parents, you’ll wonder how it’s possible for two people to create everything that’s good in the world.

When you ask her to marry you, it’ll be raining outside, after finding out that the restaurant you wanted to eat at was full. You wont wait for the perfect moment, you wont write it in the sky, because you wont be able to wait another second to know that you’ll spend your life with her. When you see her at the end of the aisle, your head will feel like it’s lost five pounds, and you’ll wonder if she’ll be the one who needs to carry you through the door. You’ll interrupt the priest when he asks if you take her to be your wife, because you’ll have been practicing your “yes” for as long as you can remember.

She’ll give you a son that has your eyes, your chin, and your inability to admit that you’re wrong. She’ll give you a daughter that has her hair, her nose, and her laugh that’s made of bubbles. You’ll high five when you realize you’ve become an old married couple, and you’ll never get sick of her stories, even after you’ve heard them 243 times. You’re going love her, the way I will always love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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