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It’s Time To Get Up And Dance Like No One’s Watching

Kids have it so easy. They listen to a beat and break into a silly, uncoordinated dance, and the best part is they do not even care. They are having fun doing their little thing and living in the moment. Even when you’re an adult, it’s hard to not wiggle along to Drake or Taylor Swift. But time’s ticking away and people are going places, and they probably do not care if you are dancing or not. Therefore, get up, put on your favorite song, and dance along to it. Do it!

In this intense, buzzing time of technology, it feels like everyone’s watching your every move. You are putting yourself out there on social media to be judged, picked apart, and often receive unwanted opinions. It’s frustrating and mentally exhausting, and you are aching to break away and fade into the background.

Enter this beautiful, motivating advice: Dance like nobody’s watching! It means to be your most authentic self and just do the thing. It’s like seeing no one, hearing no one, and doing whatever you want! Furthermore, dancing has plenty of therapeutic benefits, and according to some studies, it can even slow the onset of dementia. Here’s what you can expect from dancing like no one’s watching:

1. It’s a great stress reliever! Dancing boosts mood and triggers the production of the happy hormone serotonin.

2. You stop caring about what others think of you, so it’s a great confidence booster. It’s also a great habit to learn how to block out the world around you.

3. It’s an out-of-the-box, creative activity which stimulates your mind and enables you to feel less anxious and loaded with colorful ideas. Plus it’s an amazing way to express yourself. Your body language and your movements speak volumes about you as a person. How cool is that?

4. It’s an emotional discharge, and let’s be honest, in this age and time, we all need a solo, lift-me-up kind of activity.

5. You are going to dance along to the Beatles or ABBA and it’s going to be the best moment of the day, enabling you to heal from your situational depression and anxiety.

6. It teaches you to live in the moment: Future doesn’t exist for you, it’s all about the present and how awesome it makes you feel.

To quote R.Todd, 1925:

“Be today!

Be with every nerve,

Be with every fiber,

With every drop of your red blood.



Moreover, dancing is good for your health. It improves your heart and lung function, muscular strength, endurance, and fitness. Therefore, along with your mental health, your physical health is benefitting as well.

So what’s stopping you? Embrace your fears, peel yourself away from the social factors, and just do what makes you happy. Dance alone, with your best friend, with your significant other, with your siblings. Life is too short to worry about other people’s business. It’s your world and you need to have fun in it!

I’m a freelance writer and peanut butter enthusiast from North Dakota

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