Here’s How You Analyze Someone’s Personality Based On The Titles Of Their Pinterest Boards

Thought Catalog Pinterest
Thought Catalog Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks out there. It’s a fun time-waster disguised as a way to find productive ideas for things like house decorating and party hosting. Since there are about a million types of pins from all over the internet on this one website, there are endless possibilities for the subject of a user’s boards. As a Pinterest user, I’ve found that the way a user names their boards can say a lot about their personality. Here are some of the most common types of board titles and possible personality implications:

1. They have the two different boards for the same category.

Someone who has a “fashion” board and a “style” board is slightly disorganized. Their real life closet is probably a mess (though I shouldn’t be talking…mine is not what you would call neat). They’re probably late to things pretty often, but it’s part of their charm. They’re the Phoebe of your friend group.

2. Their boards all follow a similar naming pattern. 

If number 1 is the Phoebe of your friends, this person is the Monica. Their boards might be named in verbs, like “Move” for workout ideas, and “Cook” for recipes. Maybe they use certain symbols throughout, like always using the ampersand instead of the actual word “and.” It is pretty impressive that all of their boards have the same naming pattern, considering you can add more boards whenever you want. They had to purposely remember this pattern and care enough to use it. This person has a very clean house, and is probably the blogger from whom you get all of your amazing, just slightly impractical organization ideas.

3. They only have a couple of huge boards.

Their two boards are labeled “Life” and “Things to Buy.” This person is probably new to Pinterest, and will soon realize that way too many things fit into these categories. This person is a go-with-the flow person who thinks big. Life is too much of an adventure for them to spend time making lots of specific Pinterest boards. They pay more attention to the broad picture than the details. Put them together with #2, and they’ll plan a great party.

4. They belong to 10 group boards.

This person is the networker. They are a hardcore blogger or social networker, and they know how to work the room. This person is the social butterfly, and would do well in marketing or sales. They are charming, and they get things done.

5. The names of their boards all have those weird, frivolous symbols, like this: ╰☆╮.

This person might have a butterfly tattoo on their hip, or they like 3D nail art. They probably talk a lot, especially about reality TV. They use cutesy nicknames for things, like “froyo” for frozen yogurt. I would not be surprised if they had a board solely for puppy pictures

6. They have a board devoted to their job.

Seriously, have you noticed how many Pinterest users pin about nursing and teaching? This person is admirable. It is difficult to get on Pinterest and not get distracted by the 5,000 calorie desserts and funny Tumblr pins. This person is driven and serious about their career. They fully commit to things. They are a great friend who always remembers birthdays and gives great gifts. Basically, they are Leslie Knope.

7. The names of their boards are written with spaces between each letter, l i k e  t h i s . 

This person identifies as a hipster/artist/emo. They think outside the box…er, space. They are proud of their creativity, and probably give lots of cool DIY gifts. Maybe they listen to sad music, or they take their sketchpad with them everywhere they go. They say things like “music is my life.”

8. They have lots of “future” boards.

This person is a planner. They love their (probably Lilly Pulitzer) agenda. They think ahead, and would be a perfect event planner. They have a future wedding board, a future baby board, a future home board, and a future husband board. I admire them for not feeling super overwhelmed all the time. There are too many things to do when you live in both the present and the future! As a side note: the future wedding board is kind of a requirement for joining Pinterest…I think 90% of users have one.

9. They have a board for all of their fandoms.

This person probably has a Netflix or Hulu account to stream all of their favorite shows. They are a trusting person who doesn’t have trouble making friends, including fictional friends. They probably spend a lot of time on Tumblr talking to fellow fans. They may also be a writer who enjoys writing fan fiction. They embrace their inner nerd.

10. They have 50 boards.

This person was the annoying honor roll student who had a million extracurriculars. They are interested in everything, and they are somehow good at all of these things. You have to admire them for their drive, but you also sort of hate them.

11. They have a generic “Love” board with lots of artsy couple photos of strangers. 

This person is a romantic, who would have loved hanging out with Wordsworth or Lord Byron. They’ve read “Pride and Prejudice”, and they love romantic comedies. They also like to pin lots of pictures of sepia toned flowers and people running in a meadow. This person is an optimist who sees the best in people (after all, they’ve learned from Elizabeth Bennett not to be prejudiced). It’s possible that they leave the stock photo print of the cute family in the frame after they buy it.

Of course, there is more to a person’s personality than how they describe their favorite pins, but many hours wasted on Pinterest and my interest in psychology has made for some fun observations. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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