Skin Deep

God & Man

When you mention the stars,
I wonder who told you
A star is a star
Instead of the alternative,

To be is not to be
In such a world as this.

Simple suits me now – I have lost some weight.
The sitting, waiting, happens in a deep vest
But it’s still pretty high up.

Instead, pacing and miss lingering sounds and colors
And you who sat with your back against the window,
If only to feel the sun
Keeping the yellow off your belly

When life fails, dreams will come up later, like vomit.
It’s always been later – we watch dusk anyway.
She’s graceful near nightfall
But the name has shriveled up

And crawls away,
Drawls under the skin deep
Housing more of itself

Even as it sheds
Phantom limbs speak realities
Which is when you brought up the stars. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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