This Love Has Punctured New Holes In Me

Astaria Holland

This love has punctured new holes in me
Holes where I didn’t know holes could be
And now
I am a sinking ship
I’ve spent years perfecting makeshift plugs
Of boyfriends and friendships and masks
Survival tactics
Some holes are obvious
My eyes and their over-exercised tear ducts
My mouth
As it screams and yearns and begs for your love
Give it to me
My arms and open embrace
One more place of empty space
The sacred feminine parts of me
That crave for your body inside of mine
Plug me
Look me in my eyes and see the ocean storming behind satin curtains
Hold my body close enough to yours so that nothing else can escape from it
And I don’t sink like a stone into the very waters that are me and possess me
You are a woodpecker
That sits on my oak boat in the middle of vast seas
It is just you and I here
And for what reason this boat of mine cannot find one motive
Not to cling to your company
Or perhaps I am a tree
Planted, rooted, great and strong but slightly wavering in our love
And you
My woodpecker
Of whom I long for a visit to grace me so
Though I know each time you’ll fly away from me
Taking bits
And leaving new holes in me when you go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Based in Southern California, Olivia Morrissey is a writer, poet and women’s empowerment coach.

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