The Gentlemen I Know Don’t Wear Ties And Suits

Drew Wilson

The gentleman I know don’t wear ties and suits
They wear tees
And they love me
For a night or a few months or just shy of a year
And they’re great at saying promises
And lip-pressing sweet nothings to my ears
They’ve got the biggest smiles
And the most sparkling eyes
They love a good drink
And they’re not like other guys
They’re like none other
But they are all the same
And they get their greatest thrill
Hearing me call their name
But when they’re done
And it’s time to run
One by one
They go
On bike
On plane
Or even
 on the phone
I’ve got it down now
And I know
The most courageous of them
Will go on foot
The gentle-men I know don’t wear ties and suits
And they don’t take the time
To pay mind
To their unhealed ties
Or to
Their unloved roots
So one by one
They always leave
And their tees
And they
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Based in Southern California, Olivia Morrissey is a writer, poet and women’s empowerment coach.

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