Don’t Treat Her Like Your Girlfriend If You Only Want To Hook Up

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If you only want to hook up with a girl

Don’t stare into her eyes every time you make her moan

Don’t go out of your way just to see her

Don’t call her when you’re in different cities just to talk

Don’t make her dinner and then cuddle all night on the couch and not hookup

Don’t ask her out

If she’s out of town, it’s okay if you pick her up at the airport when she returns, but

Don’t park your car and wait for her inside at baggage claim

Don’t tell her how much you care about her

Don’t do these things

Because if you do

She’s going to want to spend more time with you not hooking up

She’s going to grow frustrated when this never happens

She’s going to distance herself because this is A Hookup Relationship and

She’s not “allowed” to be mad

If you only want to hookup.

So for the next girl, if that’s all you want,

Don’t do these things. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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