5 Things I Wish I Could Engrave In My Mind

October Sky
October Sky

1. Someone thinks you are beautiful

Even if you don’t always see it, someone else does. Sure, there are days when I wish my curly, frizzy, out-of-control hair would just look good. But sometimes those are the days when strangers tell my I have gorgeous hair. Sometimes I wish I could not have a roll on my stomach when I sit down, but when I see someone at the gym who may be taking it too far the other way at the expense of their health, I realize that I’d rather be average than too skinny.

2. Someone else has the same fears as you

As alone as you might feel sometimes, know that you are never alone. The things that you worry about make others anxious as well. Hayley Williams, from Paramore, once said something very meaningful: “If you’re feeling alone, know that the world can be a lonely place but it would be lonelier without you in it.”

3. If you don’t put yourself out there, you’ll never get what you want

I’m realizing this especially now in college. Your teachers aren’t holding your hand and coming up to you after you were sick to make sure you got the material. Your professors don’t care if you miss class. They don’t care if you fail. It’s all on you. To the person you hope will be your future employer, you are just another person until you prove you are not. Make yourself distinguishable and make yourself recognizable.

4. If you have the ability to change something, you should not be complaining about it

I’m a culprit of this sometimes, but I try not to be. Imagine being at lunch with a friend: her food comes out and it’s not done the way she asked, or part of her meal is missing. You tell her to send it back and rectify the error, but instead of doing that, she just complains for the next 45 minutes lunch about how it could be better. Something like this is easily fixable. 

5. Carpe diem

Translation: seize the day. Make everyday worth waking up for. Do something everyday that’s important to you. If you wrote down one thing that you did everyday, would you always have something to write about? I hope so. And if not, start trying… carpe diem. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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