Your Daily Affirmation For March 7th

This is your daily affirmation for the day, drawn in not-very-good picture form by me. The words themselves are not mine; the words were written by Don DeLillo in his novel “White Noise.” So, here is your daily affirmation for the day — treasure it. Crush it close to your heart–









And here is the original section of White Noise from whence the quote comes…




White Noise is a book about love and death. The main character, a professor, fears death — fears that it will take him away from his family; so he takes an experimental drug to make him less afraid. The drug fails to work. The portion of the book above directly follows a section where the man takes his young daughter to the airport, to watch her fly away alone.

Then he randomly drifts to the graveyard. “I breathed deeply, remained in one spot, waiting to feel the peace that is supposed to descend on the dead, waiting to see the light that hangs above the fields of the landscapist’s lament.” Such a beautiful sentence.

“To plan is to live,” the professor says at one point in the book. But then, later on, he contradicts himself: “To plan is to die… all plots move death-ward.” Which one of these is right? Both? Neither?

…We begin our lives in formless chaos; from there, we start to make decisions, make a plan, create order out of chaos. But if we become too enmeshed in our own planning, we can miss out on the spontaneity of life, as it floats on by. To plan is to live, but sometimes, we must set ourselves free from planning. And so, sometimes:  May the days be aimless. Let the seasons drift. Do not advance the action according to a plan. And that’s your quote for the day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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