The Lonely Lament Of The Freelance Writer

Being a freelance writer is fun hell. Writing every day for various publications for minimal amounts of money; so fulfilling! Sorting through endless cat videos, even though you have a master’s degree! And pitching ideas to magazines that they then reject! Fun! And student loans! And being poor enough that “date night” equals “making pasta and having sex with your girlfriend because that costs like four dollars.”

…And then you can become an alcoholic from all the stress and self-hatred and pressure of coming up with new ideas every day forever whooo. ANY-way, below I’ve supplied a drawing of my current mood regarding my life, which is so-so-ish. You can click on the drawing for a larger view, if you so desire…


…And here’s a hilarious song about freelancing, which some chick on Thought Catalog already posted, which means I’m too late, because if you don’t continually scan the internet for new viral videos while writing essays while working on your novel while starving to death, then you’re totally fucked. Anyway. Video! Funny! I’mma gonna go hang myself in my spare closet right now. Enjoy the video! TC Mark


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