Here’s Your Republican Political Ad That’s Directed At Hipsters


Republicans have historically had difficulties reaching out to “young people,” maybe because historically the GOP has appealed to angry white men who are over 65. But those days are over. Prepare yourself to meet Scott Greenberg;  he’s young, he’s hip, he’s just like you — in that he supports increased profits going to big business and energy companies. Um, what?

Here’s Scott:


And here’s Scott again;


So; annoying tortoise-shell glasses, check. Leather jacket; check. Dumb haircut and stripey shirt; check and check. …Support for fracking…. ummm, check?  Supported by the Republican National Committee? Um; check.

So if this is the GOP’s grand youth outreach program, it seems that we really don’t have much to worry about. And the GOP did get some details wrong; like, come on, a real hipster would be riding a 10-speed, or at least using a hybrid. Also, most hipsters don’t preach the wisdom of cutting regulations on business. But then, hey, slutever, #YOLO, right?! Let’s slash some regulations on businesses: after all: what could go wrong.  And then, after “Scott Greenberg” gets his way, he can ride his 10-speed, or car or whatever, over pits of toxic waste to his 80-hour-a-week, unregulated, $4.50 an hour job. And he can do it all while wearing skinny jeans. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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