Your Daily Affirmation For February 24th

This is your daily affirmation for the day, drawn in not-very-good picture form by me. The words themselves are not mine; the words were written by Martin Amis, in his novel, ‘London Fields.’ So, here is your daily affirmation for the day — treasure it. Crush it close to your heart–










As you will see in a second, this original quote was horribly managed by me, because I don’t really believe in looking things up. However, I did look this quote up for double-checking/internet-copy-editing purposes. Here is the original quote:


…That’s not the total quote yet. Here’s the rest of the quote:


The book is about a girl. An incredibly beautiful girl. But she doesn’t want to go out with anyone. She just wants to die. We may question the value of her wisdom, but not the strength of her intensity. The chapter that this quote comes from is called ‘Going Out With God.’ About how all these amazing, perfect guys want to go out with her, but she doesn’t want that. She wants anything else. She’s lying to the guy in the first passage, fucking with him when she tells him she loves him. She doesn’t want this. She wants anything else. It’s all a long-con.

In place of all this, she wants the Devil; she wants anything, in place of all these uselessly perfect people who love her. …This is not necessarily the most fertile ground for an inspirational quote, but still; the intensity, the belief!  “To my everything. He is nothing.”

Even though I butchered the quote, I think we can still stand by it. Go too far in every direction. Stand by what you stand by. Pile extremity upon and extremity, and then more extremity, and then more. Take it all too far. And that’s your quote for the day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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