In My Dream I Dreamed A Poem

In my dream I dreamed a poem. This happens a lot to me, because I spend too much time thinking about writing in my waking hours, and then when I sleep, it transfers to my sleep. The problem is that usually, I forget to write down the poems from my dreams. But I remembered to write this one down immediately. You have to write them down immediately, or all is fucked.
…It’s not my favorite poem; it’s about a mouse. The next night, I had an amazing dream, with an amazing poem, that was all about life, and deep thoughts, and it solved everything, everything, everything. But I didn’t write it down right away. And so we’re left with this mouse poem. The moral? Always write down everything…





And below this is an alternate mouse drawing. I was a little worried that this one looked too much like a hamster; that worried me; but still, he’s cute.

*Also, here’s my transliteration of the poem, due to my shitty handwriting:

‘Can you abandon a mouse?

The kitchen says no

and the leaves of the recipe books.

Nothing so joyous as the sound

of teeth munching through pages.’

So; there you go. You are welcome. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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