Here’s Your Damn Video Of Dogs Riding On Sleds


I live in Europe now, so I no longer know what the weather in America is like, nor do I care that much. (I also have stopped worrying about the House Republicans; it’s amazing what happens when you live 5,000 miles away.) But I hear rumors from my friends back in America; rumors of polar vortices and of snow in such hitherto-unheard-of-places as Atlanta and New Orleans. And I imagine it’s shitty in New York right now, as it always is.

So in case you’re buried under eighteen inches of snow like we are here in Bucharest, here’s your inspirational montáge (that’s French for “YouTube compilation video) of dogs on sleds; dogs who do not fear the snow, as we humans sometimes do. …Dogs! On sleds! Which is not to be confused with sled dogs, which is an entirely different thing altogether, and is also a terrible terrible movie starring Cuba Gooding Jr., I believe. Anyway, here is your goddamn video of goddamn dogs on goddamn sleds. Please to enjoy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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