What I Hear When Millennials Talk

Joe Seer / Shutterstock
Joe Seer / Shutterstock
  1. Sex eoo gihdihg ssdoif for the one with the penis sgiudj gigu!!! AMIRITE!
  2. Don’t ever irinop fe ‘swer wht ut arareofrtr eillf oflelep, ever.
  3. KANYE WEST? KIM KARDASHIAN? Sometimes I just weha sa date rifufe roha, la! I mean it’s all so retede filobop sometimes. Ha ha ha ha! J/K!
  4. GIRLS Afufu oiud Brooklyn zwpl drug parenphenila masg writer’s coupon gub iuyya voiceofagentrification.
  5. Mogenay pi setafupe adiyefet SEPHORA. But I mean leselu tele pecuto gacem esaso, AMIRITE.
  6. Truth is beauty then s olinde oierct e thakende ts, deil ‘tierd tho itis ofl ds Whe ouscthend t o isorufffe f man, which is why I bought seven.
  7. Aseg milig uhesuwey du! J/K!!!
  8. Existential crisis bhnyeaw ad ngelunicibss arkencovas. s f A d-cod on the couch and anticuanindan ofur hulere hany f cowera  Ryan Gosling HAHA.
  9. I love you because plmk wwcw break ups are hard oascidj  crying like posdkv whatever I’m not calling him back unless he sdigy kokoko aisud so women strong  zsx dufu difficult lesson learned mernyicious triumph!
  10. TWITTER rasose fopenel vir! …But then again, iye cude yawal dasari PINTREST.
  11. But really, SRS. To miyiker ewicop RYAN O’CONNELL, foce haror telu emocas wie ti etu. LYLAS.
  12. Sabeci tolan efiye hos nanu rim. SKRILLEX. But come on now — supasen te ado SKINNY JEAN se cel ropolan rateto!
  13. Fashion emergency ‘s me fe mof belle a nijm qaz cupcake coi r’thed is ws YOLO sczeqrs #brunch.
  15. Post grad grad school school loan loan word word play dus antathercle. org vean isluiere al; le ‘s me fe mof belle at ore or mousarutl, im: ans om? n anthay hat ke outhe t puft oftlent umies me peios corp: what does it mean to be an adult?
  16. Philosophy candpplplu something gay, literally ckntind s t-a uby usep touthed lly bel biv devo.
  17. KINDLE FIRE teriz tosul asorore: amasi ogu muremier. I mean, come on though De tuna cec ga: Isunohep catur cufan cac lerate le mi etima enawex; vusagu ifen itos elewele morel. Yosi copure uyarup wimami rece esapa resas cabe: Elero ceta nilinen pon alitadeh rip tatey. Rie genesel pepero gey! Etiro labef papem cie. DUBSTEP, GAME OF THRONES.
  18. Tato lodohe SLUTWALK cig oneyiq di! We mo yelo dor pur iremun ge magi. IS FEMINISM OVER? J/K! Egumi sos de hebaned rigax ficiti? Gehepih ocecuyis herasa cegie.
  19. Ideo games netflixed my Lana de REAL TALK Tonthovee, tume; rckntind s t-a uby usep touthed lly, f ‘d we, f wrushofl athis thowe, lest wisleamsly, tat thes sha ato w and he inserted it right into Channing’s Tatum.
  20. J/K!  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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