Here’s Your Video Of Fireworks Exploding In Reverse

Fireworks In Reverse

Well, New Year’s has come and gone. I personally spent my New Year’s watching Reality Bites on Netflix with my best friend. Which made us feel old, because that movie came out when we were in college, and now it seems ancient: …Payphones! No internet! Being able to smoke cigarettes wherever you wanted, including restaurants!

Then we accidentally turned on the MTV New Year’s Eve special and my friend and I watched it for a while, but when they introduced a band, we’d both do the same thing. We’d say: “…Who?” And then we’d turn and look at each other and crack up and start laughing. The point being: we’re old. It’ll happen to you someday. Just trust me on this one.

Then we went down by the river and watched the fireworks. Which brings me to the ostensible topic of this article — a video featuring fireworks from the New Year’s Eve celebration in Melbourne, Australia. A video artist named Julian Tay recorded the fireworks, then reversed the footage, which seems like a simple thing to do, but the result is startling. Stars disappearing, reverting into dots, which revert into nothing.

Here’s the video:


My friend and I are old now. Well, not old old, but we’re not young millennials, for instance. And someday soon, we’ll be older still, actually old, and so will you. But watching this video made me think. It made me think: what if we could just go back?

We have to go back to the island! Jack was always screeching on Lost; a show which itself seems surprisingly, weirdly slightly old now. But fuck the island. We have to go back in time.

What if we could? What if time was just a game, a long-con, and we never realized it? And we could just go back? What if time was all just a trick that we played on ourselves, and stars could revert, and everything could go back to the way that it once was?

Anyway, I was just thinking about all of that. Man, fuck the holidays anyway, am I right? Fucking New Year’s, amirite? And… um, a belated Happy New Year’s to all, and to all a good night.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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