Here’s A Song And A Quote


“It might help if we knew where we were going, and how fast.
The Earth revolves at half a kilometre per second.
The Earth orbits the Sun at thirty kilometres per second.
The Sun orbits the centre of the Milky Way at 300 kilometres per second,
The Milky Way is travelling in the general direction of Virgo at 250 kilometres per second.
Astronomically, everything is always getting further from everything else.”


“It might help if we knew what we were made of, how we keep going, and what we will return to.
Everything before your eyes — the paper and the ink, these words, and your eyes themselves — was made in stars: in stars that explode when they die.
More proximately we are warmed and hatched and raised by a steady-state H-bomb, our yellow dwarf: a second-generation star on the main sequence.
When we die, our bodies will eventually go back where they came from: to a dying star, our own, five billion years from now, some time around the year 5,000,001,995.
It might help if we knew all this. It might help if we felt all this.
Absolutely unquestionably, the Universe is High Style.
And what are we?”

–Martin Amis, The Information Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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