Top 10 James Bond Theme Songs

9. “You Know My Name” — Chris Cornell

I loathe Chris Cornell and I loathe Soundgarden. But this song is definitively okay-ish. The coldest blood! Runs through my veins! You know my na-aaame! Can’t argue with that, I guess.

Also I’m biased here, because this song is from Casino Royale, which is my favorite Bond film and I am passionately in love with Eva Green beyond anyone else in the real world ever. In real life, she’s Swiss! Eva Green is Swiss, that’s why she has that weird not-really-French accent. That’s not very interesting, but everything about Eva Green is interesting to me, because I love her.

Also: I died when (spoiler) she kills herself by locking herself in the elevator at the end of Casino Royale. It killed me. So sad. I mean, I knew that she was going to die somehow, because she was dating James Bond, and James Bond is not known for his long-term committed relationships, but still. I thought she’d be blown up by a bomb or shot by a sniper and die like that, still full of innocent love for James. I didn’t think she’d sorta betray him and then commit suicide like that. Shocker. Real, real shocker. I’m still not totes over it, as you can tell.


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