Top 10 James Bond Theme Songs

7. “For Your Eyes Only” — Sheena Easton

Sheena E! She’s hot. Maybe the hottest person to sing a Bond song. Anyway. I maybe should have put this song above the Carly and the Wings, ’cause I like it better. But I utterly forgot about this song until I reached slot number seven, which must also mean something.

One reason I maybe forgot about this song is that I only ever hear it while shopping in the supermarket. That is the only place I ever hear this song. How much money do you get, do you think, each time your song is played in a supermarket or other such muzak-y place? A lot of money? A penny? Five cents? Even if it was just a penny, that would add up over time, I think. Anyway. Sheena! Sheena E! I call her Sheena E ’cause I have a crush on her, you see, and she seems less distant when I call her by a nickname. I’m going to stop talking now.


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