Top 10 James Bond Theme Songs

3. “The Living Daylights” — A-ha

I don’t even want to hear about it! A-ha is the best Norwegian pop band ever, beating out such competition as… … … …Anyway, so! Also this song rocks and The Living Daylights is a great movie! Bond gets helped out by the Taliban or something, who are good guys! He has an exploding whistle-activated key-chain, which would be useful never! The hot girl is the sister of the girl from The Wonder Years I think! And he and the hot girl escape from the bad guys by sledding down a dangerous mountain in a cello case! Yes, a cello plays a principle role in this movie. How often does that happen? Almost never, according to IMDb.

Also, I like the lyrics, “Set my hopes up way too high/ Living’s in the way we die.” Heavy! I don’t really live my life like that, but still good. The lyrics “Hey, driver, where we goin’?/ I swear my nerves are swollen” are less good, however.


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