The Person

U.S. National Archives

The person is tired of being a person by himself so he then calls another person, who he eats dinner with. Dinner leads to drinks, which then leads to sex, which is a bit unexpected but not altogether unwelcome, sex being what it is. In the morning, while making pancakes, the second person says something which annoys the first person, and the first person reflects on how he should not be so annoyed by the thing that the second person has said, but that he is annoyed, and now he is wasting time debating on whether he should be annoyed or not, which is in itself annoying. The pancakes are not very good. The second person owns a cat and the first person reflects on how cats are altogether more appealing and likable than people are, and how for that matter, dogs hold this same position as well. The first person then leaves, and reflects on how cats and dogs are infinitely more appealing to him than the second person is, and indeed how they are more appealing to him than any person who has ever lived, including Gandhi and Jesus. Now this person is walking down the street, and now it is twilight and the person begins to not like the sensation of being a person by himself; but to be with another person, or not? For those seem to be, and perhaps are, the two options. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – U.S. National Archives
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