Sesame Street Is Trying to Brainwash Your Children With Its Liberal, Leftist Agenda

We have some exciting news that you will never, ever believe. Shockingly, a conservative writer who gets paid to find evidence of liberal bias in things managed to find liberal bias in a bunch of TV shows — and among these shows was… Sesame Street. Okay; that’s not actually shocking. What is shocking is that a conservative writer decided to bitch and moan about Sesame Street, but missed out on the whole “Bert and Ernie are clearly a gay couple” angle. But oh well.

Yes, author Ben Shapiro went to Hollywood, and was shocked — positively shocked! — to learn that there are liberals in Hollywood. And so he wrote a whole book about how there are liberals in Hollywood, because no one has ever pointed this out before. But what most angered Shapiro were a bunch of Muppets; specifically, the goddamn peacenik Muppets of Sesame Street:

Shapiro is the hardest on Sesame Street, accusing creators of trying to brainwash children…

“Sesame Street tried to tackle divorce, tackled ‘peaceful conflict resolution’ in the aftermath of 9/11 and had [gay actor] Neil Patrick Harris on the show playing the subtly-named ‘fairy shoeperson’,” writes Shapiro, who also notes Grover breaking bread with a hippie and the socioeconomic and racial undertones in Oscar living in a garbage can.

Okay, I was unaware that “divorce” and “peaceful conflict resolution” were specifically liberal things, but Shapiro wrote it, so it must be true. Man, who wants to teach kids how to be “peaceful,” anyway? After all, weren’t you just hankering for that post-9/11 Sesame Street episode about “the value of violence,” where Cookie Monster chokes Oscar the Grouch to death and then tosses his decaying body back into his own fucking trash can? …Of course you were.

Amazingly, Ben Shapiro also found evidence of a foul liberal bias in some other TV shows: Friends was pro-lesbian, MacGuyver had “an anti-gun agenda,” M*A*S*H was all about pacifism and “the wastefulness of war,” and Happy Days had a strong anti-Vietnam War message — “if you really look it for, you can find it.”

How did Mr. Shapiro learn all this? Why, he went undercover as a liberal, of course! How did he go undercover? By being Jewish and wearing a hat–

Shapiro says it was easy to get people to open up to him… “Many probably assumed that with a name like Shapiro and a Harvard Law credential, there was no need to Google me: I would have to be a leftist. In Hollywood, talking to a Jew with a Harvard Law baseball cap is like talking to someone wearing an Obama pin.”

Impressive stuff. Of course, Mr. Shapiro may have missed out on an important concept. It might not just be that “Hollywood” has a liberal bias. It might just be that “the whole world” has a liberal bias as well. After all, if you look at the entire arc of history, everything has always gotten more liberal since the dawn of time, not just since Obama got elected.


…After all, a thousand years ago, white dudes controlled everything, you got burnt to death at the stake for being gay or a “feminist,” and you got burnt to death if you didn’t go to church. That’s pretty conservative. …Ever since then, we’ve basically been getting more and more “liberal,” since many people found that being burnt to death all the time wasn’t that much fun.

…But even more than that, can we have an end to this whole bitching-about-Hollywood-being-liberal thing? People in Hollywood are in business to make “money”; and making money is, after all, a highly conservative value.

The problem isn’t that evil studio executives are sneaking in secret leftist messages that everyone hates. No; the problem is that so-called liberal values are popular. If they weren’t popular, these shows would get bad “ratings,” not make any “money,” and be canceled. The sad fact that Ben Shapiro is grappling with — and failing to understand — is that people would rather watch a children’s show that promotes peace and understanding.


Anyway, end of rant. Now, can someone please explain to me what the secret anti-war message in Happy Days is? When Fonzie jumps over the shark, does the shark represent, like, American Militarism? When he punched the jukebox, was the jukebox a symbol for Richard Nixon? I’m so confused.  TC mark

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  • Teukros

    Now, there's a huge difference between “there are LIBERALS in Hollywood” and “a rampant liberal bias in Hollywood.”  If you're going to review a review, shouldn't you stick to the source material?  Or even better, you could read the book.

    I'll be interested to see if the “white people problems” and “privilege” tags start flying regarding your “white people ruled everything, etc.” allegations.  I guess “back in the day” white people ruled Africa and Asia, too.  And I'm pretty sure we've become less liberal a society than, say, ancient Rome.

    As for “liberal values are popular,” well, no, they're not.  They might seem popular if you're insulated in a big American city, but try living in all those flyover states you hear about sometimes, or…you know, Syria or Pakistan.  And you'd know how Shapiro addresses this and other contentions of yours if — again — you'd actually read the book, and not spouted off a bad stand-up routine based on a review.

    • Oliver Miller

      If I lived in a “flyover” state?  Like how about if I lived in Georgia or Louisiana?  I lived in both of those states for years and years.  In conclusion, shut up.

      • Teukros

        Tsk tsk tsk, so America-centric.  But you're right — it's clear from your cerebral response that your post is unassailable.  My mistake.

        (Georgia, bee tee dubs, is on the east coast, so it's not flyover country.  But I'll give you Louisiana, albeit with its conservative governor and populace that favored McCain by almost twenty points in '08.)

      • Oliver Miller

        I didn't say my post is unassailable.  But you're not trying to have a real conversation.  You left a condescending, trolling comment, which — in fact — is not a good way to start a conversation.  If you want to talk with a writer, start by not assuming that you know stuff about his or her life: “You've never been to flyover country!” That's rude, and in this case, incorrect. In conclusion, go away now.

      • Teukros

        In conclusion, in conclusion.  Conclusion, conclusion, conclusion.

        THAT'S a trolling comment.  Quit being such a baby and learn to take
        some criticism.

      • mopey P

        Yea how could you be so Americacentric in a piece reviewing a book about American liberals in America producing content for Americans?
        The only way to redeem yourself is to use “albeit” confusingly in a sentence.

      • Teukros

        Oh, right, because Hollywood puts out material that only Americans consume, and only Americans work in Hollywood.  How could I forget?

    • lol

      There a large amount of both liberals and conservatives in the world. People in “Flyover” states and places such as Syria or Pakistan commonly adopt conservative views. People in northern “big american cities” and countries such as Sweden and Canada commonly adopt liberal views. Regardless which group is larger I think it's safe to say both liberal values and conservative values are popular…

      (After all, someone's taking time to write an entire book on the “rampant liberal bias” of the entertainment industry because….nobody is liberal?)

      • Teukros

        Part of the book's thesis is that the liberal bias in Hollywood is disproportionate — i.e., that it doesn't reflect the views of Americans on the whole.  See every Battleground Poll on political self-identification pretty much since the poll was invented.

      • Oliver Miller

        That's silly, because actually what has happened is that Fox News, etc., has made “liberal” an evil word, so if you poll for what people identify as, then people avoid calling themselves “liberal.”  If you poll for people's actual stances on the issues — on gay marriage, the Iraq War, and blah, and so on — then the majority of Americans are liberal; they just don't want to use that term to describe themselves.  You could look it up.

      • Oliver Miller

        And again, since conservatives are all about the free market — well,
        entertainment media is a free market.  If all these liberal values that producers are supposedly “sneaking” into their shows were unpopular, then the shows would get bad ratings and go off the air.  But the shows Shapiro picked were all very popular.

        No one — as far as I can tell — is saying that Fox News should be censored or shut down.  About 25% of Americans love Fox News, which is enough to make it a very, very popular cable station.  But I don't understand what Shapiro is complaining about.  “Sesame Street” is popular, “Friends” was, “M*A*S*H” was…  …Is he saying these shows shouldn't have been ALLOWED to have liberal messages in them?  It's just the free market in action, dudes.

  • Greg Petliski

    Lets not forget the whole sharing thing!! I guess republicans and CEOs never went to pre school where they would have learned such a basic social skill.

  • Jeffknavy

    You know they also have a liberal bias in public schools. Notice also, that the more educated peoe- professors and the like- are liberal. You definitely hit the nail on the head when discussing how violence is unacceptable for children. Children pick that up in church and home life; maybe it is a good thing that there is a place where acceptance and tolerance is taught.



    • Oliver Miller

      Your comment is liberal WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA SO?

  • Teukros

    In conclusion, in conclusion.  Conclusion, conclusion, conclusion.

    See, THAT'S a trolling comment.  Quit being such a baby and learn to take some criticism.

  • Neto

    This guy seems like a breathtaking person.”People have a different opinion than me, and I can find PROOF! in the MOVIES!”

    I'm so sick of hearing a bunch of grown adults whine about “liberals do this” and “conservatives do that” in politics. Every person has their own set of values and what they think is correct.  Work toward getting what you think is correct passed in government. Picking out something such as the fact that Neil Patrick Harris was on Sesame Street (whoa, gay people exist, how liberal!) as evidence of some agenda is ridiculous.
    I understand that those groups are an easy way to classify your political views, but having an us vs. them mentality is so childish because we are all PEOPLE. If this guy really wants his opinion to change tv, don't pretend like the issue is conservative against liberal. If you don't like that gay characters were on Sesame Street, stand up and say “I don't think gay people should be on tv”. Don't hide your (in my opinion prejudiced) views behind the facade of “i'm a conservative, I hate liberal things”. 

    I don't think the things I've seen mentioned in the book, such as tackling peaceful conflict resolution with kids, are a bad idea. If that makes me a liberal, fine. You'll never catch me blaming something I don't like on “conservatives” in general.

  • hhlk9
  • herecomesth3sun


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