Screw It, Here’s A Video Of A Kitten Stuck In A Hamster Ball

Well, it’s raining and gross out, and I don’t feel like writing another essay on Stuff White People Think. Plus, it’s Fricaturday, or something. So here’s your video of a kitten (an adorable kitten) playing in a hamster ball, set to the dulcet tones of “Stuck in the Middle With You,” by Stealers Wheel.  Please to enjoy:


Wow. Someday, when your kid comes to you and says, “Mommy/Daddy, what was life like in the year 2011?” you can tell them this:  “Well, we spent a lot of time watching videos of kittens and puppies. And also a lot of time obsessing over whether our president was born in Hawaii or not.”  “…That sounds awful,” your kid will say, and then he’ll jet away on his hoverboard. “…Come back,” you’ll say, raising your hands impotently to the sky. But no.  It’ll be too late.

Anyway, like so many great works of art, this video leaves so many questions unanswered; questions that can only be resolved in the mind of the viewer. …Like, does the kitten eventually outgrow the ball and go on to lead a fulfilling life? Does his family eventually buy him a bigger ball or better kitten food? And what of the other black-and-white kitten? He sits to the side, a mute observer, like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. …But what is his true story? What’s going on with him?

And here’s another question. Was I totally overcompensating with that last paragraph, because I just posted a video of a goddamn kitten in a ball? Why yes. …Yes I was.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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