Here’s Your Video Of The Drunkest Person Of All Time

I’ve gotten fairly drunk in the course of my lifetime, but never quite as drunk as this particular English gentleman, who falls into a wall, tumbles down some stairs, then flips backward over the railing, landing upside-down directly on his neck, while avoiding killing himself… somehow or other. Then he blows his nose, and then he falls down a few more times, eventually collapsing into a median divider in the road, and — anyway– just watch it for yourself.


A wise man once gave me the following rule about comedy: if a man wearing a tuxedo and a top hat slips on a banana peel and falls, then that’s funny; if a homeless man does the same thing, then that’s not funny. So luckily for us, the gentleman in the video is a well-dressed Englishman who was kicked out of an awards ceremony at the posh Savoy Hotel in London. He was kicked out after he fell down in front of Sir Ian McKellen — that’s right, he fell down in front of Gandalf.

Luckily for us, London has over 10,000 closed-circuit television cameras, which are meant to help combat crime. In this case, they captured the man’s drunken collapse in real-time.

And if you don’t think this video is funny, here’s another rule about comedy — “Comedy equals pain, plus time.” So maybe even the drunk dude will find this video to be funny eventually. And speaking of the passage of time, it took this dude ten days to go back to the hotel and look for his missing wallet — either because he was too embarrassed to go back, or because he was just too plastered to remember what had happened that night. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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