Here’s a Montage of Women Falling Down in Romantic Comedies

If we’ve learned anything about women over the years, it’s that women b’ lovin’ to shop. And shoes. …Women also love shoes. Babies, too; that’s another thing that women love. And the final thing that women b’ lovin’? Falling down in romantic-comedy-type movies.

So here’s a montage of that, starring all your favorite girl-type actors, including that chick, you know the one that we’re talking about — plus that bitch Katherine Heigl, plus Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, and a lot of Sandra Bullock, who seems to fall down in every movie that she’s ever in. Enjoy:

Ha.  WOMEN B’ FALLIN’, AMIRITE? Hilarious!

There are, I guess, two ways to look at this whole thing:

1) Someone falling down is intrinsically funny, and this is a topic that merits no further analysis.


2) As alluded to in the video, romantic comedies carry the intrinsic message that a woman can be smart, gorgeous, and funny — but unless she has a man, she’s nothing. And the best way to get a man is to let him act all manly, which is accomplished by a display of helplessness on the female’s part — i.e., collapsing on the floor and waiting for her Prince Charming to come rescue her.

Anyway, I’m going with theory number one, because OH SHIT, DID YOU SEE THAT CHICK TOTALLY GET KICKED IN THE FACE AND THEN FALL INTO THE WATER? DAMN.  …That’s some LOLZ, right there. Some major, major LOLZ. TC mark

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  • Kim

    Pratfalls are charming!

  • MP80909

    Reminds me of “Women Laughing Alone with Salad.”

  • Katgeorge

    LOL. I think women are funnie when they make period jokes too LOL it's so funnie how they bleed from they vagina.

  • meg

    yup. thanks, hollywood.

  • eric

    when they fall down physically it's a metaphor for how they are falling down……. ~in love~

    • Oliver Miller

      There you go.  Either that or WOMEN B' CLUMSY and not good at standing upright. Either one works for me.

      • eric

        no actually it's a cautionary tale about nutritionally inadequate diets and the dangers of anemia

  • Hannah Foster.

    It's obviously tits that are to blame, they make us all front heavy 'n' shit.

  • riles


  • Tweetybirdcateyes

    I did like the shows you picked as most best but i am trying to find a movie that has a woman that is over clumsy and is trying to date but in the process falls on him trips him spills stuff on him and then they go to the doctors office and she falls into the scalples and almost stabs him for the life of me I can not remember the name of the movie or which actress is in it as well is there any one  out there that can tell me the movies name so i can rent it thank you for your time have a good evening

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