3 Ways To Be Less Judgmental

Carmen Jost
Carmen Jost

The truth is, you can’t. Our minds were already poisoned by this filthy stratified shithole of society since the day we could read and understand words. To think that we are qualified enough to judge somebody by anything they do. Well we really can’t stop judging somebody but instead we can gradually regress our judgmental tendencies by:

1. Re-evaluate your whole existence before you judge somebody because all of mankind is flawed in every way.

Imagine yourself in this situation where you see this really not that fat but kinda big man with his friends who are probably in there 20’s playing some card game you don’t know the name of in your favorite coffee shop. You say to yourself “Why don’t these guys get a life and go to the gym so they can burn their fat off?” “Well at least they have enough money to eat and buy those expensive sets of card games,” says the subconscious part of your mind (which miraculously becomes a part of your conscious mind). You looked at yourself and you realize you’re a skinny, broke and in his 40’s man who does not even have his own apartment. (It’s just a representation of what you miss while judging someone, that you’re not perfect either.)

2. Remember people express themselves, not for you, but for themselves. (…But some do it for attention so I don’t know if it’s okay or not to judge them but don’t either way except if they’re celebrities because why not right?) So understand them as they would understand you.

People don’t live to please everyone. They live their life because it’s their life. They own it. So they can do whatever they want with it but as long as they don’t kill somebody or do some crime then it’s not okay anymore to do anything. Try to assimilate everything people do to portray themselves to others. What you to do to other people will come back to you.

3. At the end of the day, we’re all human beings. Be an egalitarian for some time.

We are all made equal. Not in our eyes but in the eyes of egalitarians. So let’s be egalitarians for a while and you will surely find peace and much better social interaction with anyone and everyone. Treat everyone as if they’re good friends of yours. This is my most used way to lessen my judgment to the people of planet earth.

So probably now you can feel a bit of change in yourself. Go outside and look at people and apply these ways and you’ll probably end up a much better observer of people and be a lesser critique to the mankind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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