I’m Done Letting People In

revac film's&photography
revac film’s&photography

Whenever I feel like looking back,
I look at all the reasons why I shouldn’t
There’s no use anyways.

It won’t change a single thing
It won’t change the past
or the present.

The more I keep looking at it,
the more it keeps hurting me.
I’m the one that’s hurting myself.

Whether it’s called a grudge.
Whether I’m simply hurting.
That’s the best way to keep me going.

I know it’s not ideal,
but it keeps me strong like an iron-made sword.

I’m the sword.
I’m the only that can protect myself.
I’m the only one that can defend myself.
No one else will ever do all the things I can do for me.

I’m the only one that can love myself.
I’m the only that can control everything.
No one else.
I guard my surroundings.
I build my own walls,
high enough to keep everyone else out.

I’m not letting anybody in anymore.
Why should I?
It always ends the same way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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