Welcome To The Life Of The Woman Who Cuts Her Own Hair

Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell

Welcome to the life of the woman who cuts her own hair
This is no coincidence, you were meant to hear her tale.
She did just find herself with a pair of scissors, standing in front of a full length mirror, but make no mistake – this is no coincidence
She has dreamt of this – over and over and has always woken up with no memory of it.
Until one day she stood there and it felt like all her life had led up to this.

The woman who cuts her own hair – she is not a writer
Punctuations don’t suit her; punctuations don’t make sense to her
These emotions are thick flowing curvy strands
She thinks it has no end no beginning
they must exist you see
they don’t exist to please you, they exist because they must
she is afraid she might cut them too short
she might comma and they might pause, she might period and they might stop
and you won’t want to cause death by grammar, would you?

Woman who cuts her own hair – she doesn’t tuck her sunglasses on top of her head.
Or try to make control dams with tiny black hair pins and expect them to work
Because this hair is not a downstream flowing current
Its – lava you see – and she knows better than to stop this hot mess with cold stones.

She is afraid things might get tangled in her hair- or worse – lost.
Remember that time when her hair devoured an entire man,
And grew 4 inches shorter?
She couldn’t tell he was gone, but she never saw him again
And once in while when the wind blew in the right direction
She could smell him
Like an old shampoo
On a new scalp that should have been washed away so long ago.

This woman who cuts her own hair- if you ask her why
She’ll tell you that it’s because she wanted a personal stylist but for free
And giggle
But really, every falling lock is a revolution.
It’s an end of a relationship – it’s the beginning of a relationship
It’s the end of a monotonous month – start of an adventurous year

She cuts when she makes a resolution
When she decides to stop feeling sorry for herself
When she begs herself to stop this maddening compulsive social anxiety,
When she needs to tell herself that she is good enough
“you are kinda overweight but you have gorgeous hair”
Isn’t entirely a compliment
Especially when she gives it to herself.

The woman who cuts her own hair –
She will cut yours too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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