8 Reasons Why Seth Rogen Is The Guy You’ve Been Looking For


1. His curly brown locks.

Need I say more?

2. He is a check on every girl’s list (He’s funny).

If all these years of dating has taught me anything, it’s this. He NEEDS to have a GOOD sense of humour. And my champion here has a GREAT sense of humour. So find all the Seth Rogens you can find, they are pretty limited edition.

3. If geeky is the new sexy, you’ve found your Prince Charming.

He is not the challenging, competitive kind of smart. He is the cosy, comfy kind of smart who doesn’t really have anything to prove to the world. He is not exactly worldly but he knows what is talking about. He is the guy you have REAL conversations with and laugh your REAL laugh with. He is the guy you fall in a routine with. He is the guy you sometimes spend complete Sundays in bed with. Eat- Sex- Game of Thrones- Sleep- Repeat.

4. No, he is not fat. he is chubby.

And you know what chubby mean – CUDDLY! He is the best couch cushion, the cosiest bolster and the one who suggests pizza and weed at all the right times.

5. He treasures you in all the ways he knows how.

He is the kind of guy who was bullied in high school, who programmed his way through college and lost his virginity much later than most people you know. He was a dork in every 90’s American high school movie. So when he finds you, he knows better than to take you for granted. He is gonna treat yo’ right.

6. He is NOT a jerk.

Contrary to popular belief, that’s a good thing. Remember that boyfriend who was hard to please and no matter what you did you always got a half smile- half smirk. Yeah, he was a jerk. Seth Rogen is not. And the one who blamed everything on his “commitment issues”. He was a jerk too. Seth Rogen is not.

7. He’s a social activist, and kills zombies! 


A man, who lets others be happy, keeps you happy and also protects you. He is all that you need in a man – to be tolerant of other’s choices including yours, to know his weed and to have an imagination that is vivid. Seth Rogen is your man.

8. Sex with him is everything you ever dreamed of.

Mainly because he is doing everything that YOU dreamed of. Why? Refer to all the other reasons stated above. He is not experienced, but he is attentive. He is not very confident, but he is selfless. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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