The 10 ‘S Words’ Every Guy Is Looking For In His Dream Woman

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1. Sweet

All guys want to be around a woman who is sweet and kind. They want to feel comfortable around their woman. This is more important than being beautiful.  Being sweet means she is thoughtful, gracious, and kind-hearted. It shows either through her actions by treating people with respect, or through her words by expressing nicely to those people around her even when she does not agree with them.  She treats people with kindness and respect.

2. Smart

A good guy likes a smart woman. He wants to have an equal partner.  He wants to have an engaging conversation. She doesn’t have to know everything but at least has common subjects that can be shared with him intellectually.

3. Spicy

He wants his woman to be sassy!  He definitely doesn’t want a doormat nor someone who agrees with him all the time. She should have confidence to disagree with others and express her own point of view. She’s playful but respectful. She definitely keeps relationship interesting.

4. Solid

He doesn’t want to be around wishy-washy or indecisive woman. She should be dependable and responsible.  She is very mature to handle life challenges.

5. Sensual

He definitely loves his woman to be physically pleasing.  Being sensual means more than just being sexy.  Sensual woman radiates her confidence through her body from the way she dresses, walks or speaks.  She is more than comfortable in her own skin and definitely embraces her femininity.  When she is sensual, she’s intriguing and that captivates his attention.

6. Successful

She’s not only smart, but she also puts that into action.  She makes things happen.  He is not intimidated by her success.  He is actually proud of her and always be supportive of what she aims for.  He loves seeing her kick butts and accomplishing her goals. She’s legit!

7. Silly

She should know and be ok at making fun of herself.  Being around her is relaxing and fun.  Nothing makes him at ease and feel more comfortable than being around her goofiness.

8. Selfless

She has priorities in life.  She cares of the world bigger than just her own.  She gets out of her way to help others when she can.

9. Social

She doesn’t have to be a social butterfly but she has her own unique skills to carry on a conversation with strangers.  He can take her out and about and doesn’t have to worry about she’s attached to him at all times.

10. Simple

She’s very unique and special, yet very simple.  She has her standards and won’t settle for less (that makes him feel extra special) but she’s not high maintenance.  She’s hard to get but easy to please and happy with just simple things in life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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