Have Patience—True Love Can’t Be Rushed

It’s not about the feeling you get when you see them but the emptiness you feel when they are not there. It’s when you look at the empty spot in the bed next to you and miss them, even if they just left an hour ago. It’s how you feel when you are not with them that matters most, because it makes the rush you feel when you finally see them that much better.

I once stopped believing in “The One.” I started to think that all the love stories and sappy movies were tacky and unrealistic; thinking back on my past, I used to think that the future would consist of working long hours and having two cats to go home to. I swore I would live off frozen food and be okay with it because I would be content that way. I decided I would be the one person who left home without a good morning kiss on the forehead, and I was fine with it.

I like sleeping with the whole bed to myself, I like eating my frozen dinner alone in peace, and I like the comfort of watching a movie secluded from everyone else, but I realized those are things I could do anytime. Because now, I now love sharing the bed with someone who snores louder than an airplane about to take off, I love cooking dinner with him and hearing about his day, and I now love watching all those sappy movies I once hated with him. These are things I learned to love because of his unconditional love. There used to be something so comforting in being alone, but now I can’t see what I once saw, because the only comfort the world holds for me is when he is there.

There is a big difference between having someone and having The One. You could spend all your time with someone and still feel as though you have no one, but once you find that one, no amount of time spent apart will ever make you feel alone. You need to hold out for the person who makes you feel a rush of electricity when they hold you, the one who stays up with you until 4 a.m. making you laugh so hard you almost get sick from all the junk food you both stayed up eating, the person who is a crutch for you when you have a hard fall, the one person who waters you with so much love, only to watch you blossom into your happiest self.

If you are patient enough, they will come along and you will wake up one morning and look at them, wondering how you ever got through life without them. And they will be right there with a smile on their face, giving you your morning coffee and a kiss on your forehead before you depart.

“Throw kindness around like confetti.”

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