The Beauty In Our Battles

Did you hear that sound? That’s the sound of the door closing behind you. Those are the sounds of your footsteps as you walk away from the negative things that life has handed you.

Before you leave your house today, look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are valuable. It may take a lot of effort to believe it, but months from now you will feel it. There will be people who do their best to make you feel anything less than significant—do not let them. Your achievements will never be small, even if the biggest thing you accomplished today was finding the strength to pull yourself out of bed. Nothing in this world will ever matter more than the care you give yourself and no one else can take away how good you treat your soul. You may not be able to physically take yourself out of the fire around you just yet, but you can mentally pull yourself through it in the meantime.

Sometimes it feels like we do so much only to feel deflated in the end, and it is okay to feel like that. What’s not okay is to stay down thinking that this is the end. You have to stand up after this fall and fight the fight for yourself and your own healing. You have to realize that the love you have for yourself is going to overpower any other kind of love you could ever receive. You need to overcome this so that you can spread this kind of positivity to people just like you who are struggling with their own self-love and worth. You may not change the world right away, but you can start with your class, job, or your very own home. The world is a prime example of the domino effect; we either rise slowly with positivity or get dragged down one by one with negativity.

We are each fighting our own little battle. Some of us hide it a little better than others. The rich man on his way to work might have a poor family life, the beautiful girl in your class might be contemplating her own ugly death, and the little happy child who is playing outside could be avoiding going home to sad and traumatic events. Each and every single person could use an act of kindness, and sometimes the kindest thing you can give someone is simply just a smile. It might not mean much to you, but to a stranger it could finally be the glimmer of hope they were looking for. We are all fighting this fight, and it might just be a little easier to fight it together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

“Throw kindness around like confetti.”

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