Don’t Date A Yoga Girl


She’s the one that might not have showered because she’s doing a two-a-day. Her skin is shining. She is constantly smiling; they call it a yoga glow.  Did I say she is a confident, badass spiritual gansta? When she walks around she is a living yoga practice, she is thinking about inversions and might just throw one up in the middle of Rainbow Row.

Don’t date a yoga girl.  She is intense. The usual baseline conversation won’t suffice. She want’s to hear substance. Her soul craves to shine her light on everyone she meets. She isn’t perfect, but she’s learned no one is.

Don’t date a yoga girl because she doesn’t do drama. She won’t listen to your bullshit. She is busy living in the moment and letting things go. There are more important ways to spend your time. . . like maybe not thinking all the time.

Chances are, she has been through something. Or she is finding that something she needs to release, to change, to open. She is on a journey. She invests in yoga for the greater purpose. For the mind, body, soul connection.

Don’t date a yoga girl. She is addicted to something, and it isn’t you. She spends more of her time in the studio, on the mat, and on her hands than waiting for your phone call. She’s working on loving herself before she’s worried about loving you. She’s not egotistical, she’s only realized that in order to be at peace that is the first step.

Don’t date a yoga girl for she surges with spontaneity. She doesn’t want to laze around, she already sits in chair pose enough. She wants to experience more than anything else. She isn’t taking life seriously, she drops judgment at the door.

Don’t date a yoga girl as she does mistakes. She’s learned that part of growing entails falling. Falling on your ass. Falling on your face. Falling all over the damn place. So while you might still be holding on to something, she’s already dropped it.

She will never stop loving. She honors the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within everyone, because it is also within her. She knows what true passion is. And if you stop talking to her eyes, she’s not going to stick around. She doesn’t deal with people who don’t make her happy. She’s totally confident and cool with going back to her yoga-wife.

So I say never date a yoga girl-but really do whatever you want. Because that’s what life’s about. I just thought this would be entertaining and make you chuckle.

PS. She’s also been thinking this whole time the title should be “Don’t Date a Yogini”, but she’s not going to pass judgment if you don’t know what that is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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