10 Reasons Why Having A Cat Is Better Than Having A Boyfriend


The dating world is a rough place out there and sometimes all we really want in life is a loyal companion. (No, not a dog that’s too much maintenance.) What we really want is cat.

1. Great Listeners.

Sometimes you just want to be heard. You want to be able to complain about that passive aggressive comment your co-worker said today and not get told your over-reacting. Just a simple meow will do.

2. The fights are not half as bad.

Things can’t all be rainbows and unicorns in your cat-ship. There will be rough points, like that time you pushed them off of your laptop and they totally ignored you for like five days. But they came back! Five days later scratching at your door, begging for your forgiveness. Only to scratch the hell out of your back, but they came back none the less.

3. They are always cute.

Seriously, there is no type when it comes with cats. With guys you might like man buns or prefer them clean cut, but seriously it doesn’t matter with cats. Skinny, fat, short hair, long hair they are all adorable and all your type.

4. They have LITERALLY no expectations about your appearance.

Do cats ask if you want to go to the gym? No. They think you are perfect as you are and should probably just lie on the couch with them. Unless you are in their spot, in that case you should move. Now.

5. You can have more than one!

Most boyfriends get upset if they find out that they are not the only ones you are in a relationship with. Cats aren’t like that! Sure, they might get jealous, but they’re not going to walk out on you.

6. They are ALWAYS down to stay in.

Cats don’t have FOMO. They know the good stuff is happening right here. Hanging out with you. And napping. Mostly napping.

7. No need to impress their friends.

With a boyfriend, you have to worry if their Mom likes you or whether you fit in with their friends. Cats ride solo and they mostly don’t give a fuck what anyone else says.

8. Cuddle-machines.

Cats are down to cuddle. A lot. Whether you want to or not. No, seriously. A cat needs you to obey their orders and pet them now.

9. This relationship is for the long haul.

Like 20+ years actually. Unless one of you becomes allergic to the other. But I haven’t heard of too many cats becoming allergic to their owners.

10. Your friends and family will love them.

The only way this might not be true is if your friend is not a cat person and honestly this is better because a friend who doesn’t like cats is NOT A FRIEND AT ALL. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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