You Must Let The Pain Pour Out Of You

Brooke Shaden

They will see your eyes well up
while you make your coffee,
while you check your emails,
while talking yourself into insanity,
telling yourself over and over again,
‘I can’t think about this now. I can’t do this now.’

Yes you can. You must.
You need to look this in the eyes
before you can tell yourself you’ll get past it.

Pour it out of you.
Force it out of you.
The most extraordinary catharsis
can often come from locked rooms,
swollen eyes, sore throats.

Sob into your pillow.
Scream into your pillow.
Write. Dance. Speak. Sing.

Whatever you do,
do not ignore what stands beside you.
The injuries must be tended to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Author of ‘Into the Wildfire: Mourning Departures’ and creativity enthusiast.

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