10 Reasons To Date A Sensitive Guy

If you love bad boys then stray away. Gents are becoming more and more sensitive, and you need to tap into this quarry ASAP. Here’s why:

1. They want to cuddle more than you. Believe it or not, this is not a work of fiction. Ask your baby boy at any time if he wants to cuddle and he will say yes, guaranteed.

2. You can talk to them about ANYTHING. Literally. Your mushy-hearted goon’s ears will perk up faster than those of a hungry rottweiler. And the weird thing is, sensitive guys will ACTUALLY listen!?

3. They understand you. No matter what emotional contagion you harbor this morning, he can sense it. And he will adapt accordingly.

4. They are easy to please. No complexity to this one, just a kiss on his forehead and the holding of his hand will keep him content for hours.

5. Their concept for caring is unmatched. His excessive emotions will corrupt him into becoming a giant Care Bear. But that just means more kisses and chocolates for you!

6. It’s like having another girl friend. DO NOT tell him this, his brain will liquify. Consider yourself warned.

7. They will over compliment you. You can never get enough compliments! – Except after the hundredth time…

8. They can show you some REAL respect. Opening doors, pulling out chairs, they will gladly go the whole 9 yards.

9. They are incredibly loyal. You never have to worry about a sensitive guy cheating on you. The crown will forever be on your head. There’s only one true princess to a knight in shining armor.

10. They will make you feel beautiful. He will do whatever it takes in order for you to comprehend how worthy you are to him. You may not be the best looking girl around, but in his eyes, NOBODY can exceed your passion, beauty, and loveliness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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