This Valentine’s Day, Truly Love Yourself For All You Have Become

via Flickr - Kerstin
via Flickr – Kerstin

Valentine’s Day. What does it mean to you? A lot of people get absolutely spoiled by their significant other. Whether it be chocolate, flowers, lingerie, an incredible date night out, new jewelry, etc. Some don’t even realize there is a special occasion on this day and treat it just like any other day. Some totally forget about it while their other half has planned an extravagant outing for them. And this results in the silent treatment for the whole next day…

Dog house anyone? 

Then others lock themselves in their house, close the curtains, grab a bottle of something and/or a big ol’ bucket of cookie dough ice cream, put on their comfiest, grungiest clothes that have stains from last week’s taco Tuesday night in and feel down on themselves because they have no hunk, no wonder woman, not even a cat or two to spend the day with. Now who in the heck made Valentines about the love for someone else? I believe Valentine’s day should be re-invented.

This year, make Valentine’s your day. A day you show self-love. A day you spoil yourself. Take the day off work if you really want to. Go buy yourself that lingerie you’ve been putting in your online shopping cart (that never actually gets purchased and just sits there). Put that sh*t on and prance around your house while sipping on a nice bottle of wine, blasting your favorite tune and stuff your lovely face with the cliché chocolate covered strawberries. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how good you look. Say it out loud. Because you know you look dang good in that lace. Write down ten things you love about you. Treat yourself to getting your hair and nails done. Do something this Valentine’s Day that you normally wouldn’t do.

Self-love is crucial. Take the time for it because you truly are worth every second. If you can’t love yourself, nobody will be able to love you fully. Take pride in the person you have become today. Take pride in the chances you have taken in life. Give yourself a pat on the back for some specific goals that you have accomplished…or failed. At least you tried! Failing at something is definitely worth loving yourself for. You tried. It may have not worked the way you wanted it to but now you know and you have learned and grown from the experience. After showing yourself some self-lovin’, go to your mother, father, brothers, best friends or whoever you admire and thank them for all the times they have put up and been there for you. You know you have been a pain in their arse at least once. We can’t be so angelic alllll the time. There is a little devil within all of us and I’m sure whoever you are close to has seen him come out once or twice and had to deal with it! So, make sure you show gratitude for the people around you that show love & support and truly let them know how much you appreciate them. The smallest action can light up someone’s day immensely. You have no idea.  This can also have them appreciate the person they have become because they are being shown appreciation from you.

This Valentine’s Day, the moment you wake up, make a conscious choice to grab a journal, instead of checking your phone first thing, and start writing. Express any love you have within you on paper. Begin writing down things you are grateful for, what accomplishments you are proud of that you have kicked butt at, goals you have achieved, people you are thankful for in your life and whatever else your heart may pour onto that flimsy but valuable piece of paper. You might discover that you have a lot more to love in life than just the possibility of having a significant other on this day. Once the brain and soul start speaking, that pen may never stop writing. And it will feel good. So good. Starting your day off this way will ensure your day to go well no matter what. Gratitude is bad ass and works like a charm. If you continue this habit each morning, you will notice a wicked shift in your mindset and overall better well-being. I promise you that.

Lastly, always remember there are people out there who truly love you for you. You must realize how special you are because there is absolutely nobody out there like you. Don’t change the person you are and be ever so proud of the person you have become. You’ve made it this far in this crazy world & that is truly amazing. Love yourself for it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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