5 Things The Introverted Guy Can’t Do In A Relationship (That You Should Know Before You Date One)

Allef Vinicius
Allef Vinicius

There are so many kinds of boyfriends in the world, and the one that’s struck me the most is the “introvert” boyfriend, well… mostly because I am currently in a relationship with one.

The below points are based on my personal experience:

1. Profess his feelings for you on social media

In a world of modernity where social media is considered a legit platform of expression only one person will use it the least – your introvert boyfriend. Although it could be one of the best ways of expressing one’s feelings and emotions, an introvert boyfriend will not post anything nor mention you in any of their posts simply because they’re embarrassed to or they just don’t find it ‘appealing’. I tagged my boyfriend the other day and all I got was a like – not even a heart.

2. Take you to a work-related party

I’m not sure about you, but I only know two or three of my boyfriend’s officemates, and I only remember their faces! Not even the names! It was like I was introduced once and that’s it. Never saw them again, or even if I did it would be just passing by the shop or seeing them in the mall. I have never been invited to a work party. Here’s a tip: an introvert boyfriend will not take you to work-related parties not because he’s not proud of you, but because he’s afraid someone might take you away or someone else might catch your eye or he doesn’t want to be embarrassed in front of everyone in case you cause a scene.

3. Talk about you in front of everyone

An introvert boyfriend will not talk about you or how pretty you are or how lucky he is to have you in his life. Not in front of anyone. He’s shy (more like selfish) like that. He wants to keep all the good stuff to himself. Pull him to a corner, ask him and he’ll spill.

4. Look at you when he’s playing

Any guy can play in a band or be a part of a basketball team. But not all guys can look at you and give you that smile while he’s at it. Introvert boyfriends will never lock eyes with you during a gig night as he might lose control. An introvert guy will never check up on you to see if you’re watching his game, he’s fine with you just sitting there. In fact, he’d rather you didn’t focus too much because he’ll be too embarrassed if he missed a note or missed a shot. He’s the shy type, never too loud. Always composed of himself. Well, that’s what he wants everyone to think, until he looks at you and all he sees is you.

5. Let you kiss him goodbye

This is the funniest part, an introvert boyfriend won’t let you kiss him goodbye in a public space. Whether it be in front of his band mates or his parents. Nope. An introvert boy would rather cherish the moment when it’s just him dropping you off in front of your house; no one to see how vulnerable he is when he tries to reach out for you for a goodbye peck. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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