7 Reasons Why It Might Have Been Your Fault That Things Didn’t Work Out


1. They didn’t look at you the way you wanted them to and you made it seem that’s okay.

One of humanity’s greatest flaws is probably the lack of self expression. Expressing one’s self can give the other person an idea of who you really are. If you’re career-driven, tell them. If you want to take your time in life but still want them to wait for you, tell them. If you don’t want marriage, tell them. If you don’t like kids, tell them. If you’re an explorer, tell them. If you like puppies over kittens, tell them. If you’re a transgender, tell them. If you’re gay, tell them. TELL THEM SO THAT THEY UNDERSTAND WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE.

2. You thought love was enough.

This is where we all go wrong most of the time. We all think that love is enough. We think that loving the person with everything we have makes him/her the right soul for you. Well, wake up people! It’s the 21st century! Soon enough cars will start flying and love can’t do anything about it when the love of your life starts ‘flying away’ from you. Update yourself. Keep up with trends. Try to look good in your own way. Find out what he/she likes to do. Find out his/her favorites. You need to give effort and time. Feed them with magic. Give them excitement.

3. You ignored all the signs and symptoms laid out in front of you.

If it’s starting to get boring and you want to work it out, by all means work it. If something is up talk about it. Never leave it hanging. Close an issue. A relationship is meant to have ups and downs because that’s how you’ll grow and learn.

4. You ignored your instincts.

I believe in the power of intuition. I believe that when there’s no reason to doubt but you feel uncomfortable or insecure or sad, it’s your instincts telling you to that there’s something going on, or worse, there’s something wrong. So talk about it, make sure you understand what the other person is going through. Remember, being in good company gives you positive vibes and happy thoughts.

5. You’re consumed with self-pity.

You keep thinking that no one will ever look or love you the way he/she did so you keep taking in whatever they’re throwing at you, or vice versa, you kept throwing things their way thinking they’ll accept it head on. Well, FYI, people get tired and frustrated and that destroys good relationships. Self pity is self destructing. Build your confidence. Speak up. Build your strength. What if they were just waiting for you to speak up?

6. You gave them everything – I mean everything.

Here’s a cliché you’d often hear from the most broken people: “But I gave him/her everything!” That’s where you’re wrong. Never ever give someone everything. Keep them guessing, keep them waiting… watching… but play it smart. Make them ask or beg for it rather than giving it to them right away on your first date. Make it worthwhile. Don’t make it too hard, but don’t give in that easily. Make them want you, then need you.

7. You showed too much weakness or too much strength.

Again, it’s all in the way you play your cards: downplay or outplay. Play the big bad wolf when you have to, play sweet and scared little red riding hood when needed. You can’t intimidate someone into staying, nor can you let them bully you to keep the relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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