27 Reasons I’ll Never Be Able To Let You Go

Andressa Voltolini
Andressa Voltolini

We all have that one human we can’t let go of, enslaved by the mere scent of their cologne on a sunny morning or entranced by that look in their eyes; we just can’t imagine life without them.

To my human, I can never let you go because:

1. You’re my ‘first thing in the morning.’ I don’t know why and how but one thing’s for sure, even before opening my eyes I know it’s your face I’d like to see, your arms I’d like to feel, and your heartbeat I’d like to hear.

2. You’re my ‘I wish you were here’ human

3. You make any bad day better

4. You give me butterflies when I’m happy and stupid freaking worms when we’re fighting

5. You give me flowers on a good pay day, but you make it even better when you just pick any random flower in the gutter

6. You eat my leftover fast food

7. You buy me McD’s Chocolate sundae

8. You buy me double cheeseburgers and don’t judge me for it

9. You make me angry and make me sad and then make me happy again

10. You say weird jokes and puns that I get

11. You act like a legal guardian

12. Your fingers always lock into mine when we walk

13. You come to the mall with me to do window shopping (even when you hate it)

14. You take me to your gigs and then you look at me when you start playing

15. You’re always careful not to make me jealous when you’re around other girls

16. You stay calm even when you know that I’ll turn hulk angry when they’re all gone

17. You accept my weirdness

18. You accept my freakazoid tendencies

19. You accept my hormonal days and non hormonal-but-shit days

20. You kept buying me Pandora charms, all with significance you only know because you’re that kind of shy

21. You don’t like action movies because they’re overrated but you still sit with me in the cinemas

22. You never get angry when I finish all the popcorn

23. You don’t get angry when I fart

24. You think I’m sexy even when I’m not

25. You think I look pretty even when I’m wearing boyish outfits

26. You ruffle my hair when I’m asleep

27. Most importantly, I can never let you go because there can only be one you and I’m not willing to lose that ever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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