You Don’t Have To Keep Running, You Need To Rest For Some Time

boram kim
boram kim

You need to rest for some time…

There is a herd behind you, a herd in the front. You’re surrounded with chaos, and the vicinity is a huge noise. The world is pushing you into a labyrinth of duties, responsibilities and consequent tragedies and melancholies. The maze is a host of webs within social acceptance, goals, ambition, ostentation and answerability to a multitude, and you’re stuck like a worm.

You think you need to keep running so that you match this general pace, and you find it a better alternative to chase a touted lucrative dream, rather than finding satisfaction.


You don’t have to keep running to set an example.

You don’t have to keep running to make yourself happy.

You don’t have to keep running to find the right path.

You need to rest.

You need rest so that you can sit and see the errors that are left behind everybody. You need to rest so that you dream about what is beautiful and dreams make you smile.

Rest shall give you the comfort to close your eyes find the beauty that lives in the most uncomplicated setup. You’ll be fascinated by the things you failed to notice while you were running, and you’ll see that when the world runs, it’s the people that run, but life stands in the most silent corners. You need to stop, stand in silence and find the most amazing facts that are hid in the raw statements, beautiful analogies that share room with peace, soothing realizations that are sitting beneath the shady trees, and all these which aren’t visible to you when you’re running.

The clarity of life dies when you run, pictures become hazy when you run, and colors mix up to dull combinations when you run.

You are killing the vibe, by not staying. You are tending to darkness when you think you should chase life the way everyone does. What you don’t know is that you need to stop chasing, and start dreaming. Sit down at gaze at the tranquility that nature has to offer, and you realize that running and chasing can never end up in satisfaction.

Everybody doesn’t need to be an athlete, athletes don’t sit calmly. They gasp for breath and struggle to reach the end.

You don’t need to struggle. You just have to realize that where you sit, the still point, there the dance is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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