5 Easy Ways To Be The Best Roommate On Earth


For those of you who are new to college, or maybe new to having a roommate; it can be difficult. Whether it’s your best friend, or a stranger it’s always tricky when you’re living with someone. Each person is different; some roommates become best friends while some just mind their own business. During those early stages, it can sometimes be hard to know what your roommate’s boundaries are. So here’s a guide on how to be the best roommate ever.

1. Something borrowed

Find out what their feels are on borrowing things. Some really don’t care what you borrow and how much you use it, but others might prefer to keep their things to themselves. It may seem a bit odd to talk about this now, but trust me; it comes in handy in the future.

2. Sticky note system

If you guys don’t communicate much, the sticky note system is a great option. Stickies can be stuck anywhere, and can kindly convey your message.

3. Sound

If you live in the same room, work out the sound levels the two of you can deal with while studying. It’s frustrating to be sorting this kind of stuff out right before midterms, so here’s another thing that’ll come in handy.

4. How dirty is too dirty?

Both of you are likely to have different levels of filth you can withstand. Some of us are clean freaks, while others really don’t care. So talk out your limits on how dirty the house/room can become. Maybe trash needs to be taken out after about four garbage bags have piled up in the living room, or perhaps immediately after emptying it.

5. Whiteboards

Invest in whiteboards to hang outside your door. This way you can let your roommate know if your “busy”, “bored” or whatever it is so that they know if its okay to come hang out, or not. This will be useful, sometimes it’s hard to shoo away a roommate in their time of need, when you have a final the next day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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