Do Not Blame

via Unsplash - Yaoqi LAI
via Unsplash – Yaoqi LAI

This is to the good hearts.This is to the kind heart that is aching now for being too good. This is to that poor heart which thinks being good is not taking you anywhere. I promise, this is the last time you get hurt, darling, you are wrong.

You are wrong when you think your goodness is your weakness!

You think forgiveness is your weakness?

You think people take advantage of your kindness ?

You are still not into this trend of drinking and hook up culture?

You are still in that stone age to expect some constants in life?

You still think of that one person when the world is busy moving on, including that ONE?

You are finding it all hard to accept and your heart now wants to turn cold?

(I know, I know, stop your fear, I am not spying on you, I just know you :D)

If your answer is yes to any of the above, baby, take a deep breathe. Its only because of such good hearts like you, this world is still a place for humans.


What next ? Lets stop blaming.

Let us all stop blaming others for what we are going through. Yes, its hard to accept our friends changing. Yes, its hard to let go of what you love, its hard to accept your heart fixed to one single thing when world finds easy to move on. Its even more harder to stay clueless in life.

But, my dear, calm down.We clearly know, we are responsible for every single thing we are facing. (A 50 times)

Lets stop our, “Its because of him/her”, “I did no wrong to deserve this”, “I am too good, thats my problem”. (Enough pleaseeeeeeeeeee).

The good and the bad thats happening around you is only because of you. Stop accusing others. No matter how much you got hurt, JUST STOP BLAMING. No one is the reason for all this but you ( Unleash the saint inside you ). Its your poor little heart that took all the undeserving things and it is what it is now just because of you. (True story, sweet heart)

Can we take a moment and do the greatest virtue ever? Forgiveness (if you scroll down without accepting this, better stay in bed and cry all your life).

Forgive everyone who are the reason for all your troubles. Its not because they deserve but because, they aren’t the reason for it (Tadaaa, you are wrong, on your face) and now forgive yourself for blaming them all these days (pamper yourself).

And by this i did not mean, take all blame on you and hurt yourself even more. This is the moment you need to understand, you have every power over every single thing around you.When you took so many undeserving things and people, you should now know, you also have another choice of choosing only what you deserve. (Mmmm, well, Say no to that stupid yellow dust, accept pink dust)

Remember, not even a single person around you can do anything to you without your approval (a 100 times)

Get out, give no power to anyone to cause any trouble to you. Do the things you love to everyone you love and expect nothing in return. Be the same good person with the same kindness but this time good heart goes along with a strong mind ( Like a self made Queen, yes, background music on your head, take that diva walk)

No matter how much this world changes, how fast people run, remember, kindness goes a long way and goodness goes even more longer and your morals give you the bestest life story ever (Oh yeah, thank me later) and most importantly world needs more of such people like you.

Trust me,You will be alright and do much better than before, its a promise. Be strong, Girl! (A million times or even more, till you do better)

*Hugs* Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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