Date A Man For Breakfast

Chris Goldberg
Chris Goldberg

Date a man for (Sunday) breakfast, and see if he keeps his word and respects your time enough to show up at 8AM — or even shortly before that – even after he stayed up late (studying and meeting deadlines) on a Saturday night.

Date a man for breakfast, and get to see him in the full light of day, with the sun shining on his face, with his laugh lines and silver strands visible, and with his every expression as transparent as the windows of the café.

Date a man for breakfast, and expect nothing but good food and good conversation. Observe how he begins his day; take note of the flavors that satisfy his palate; and see if he listens fully, with his eyes aside from just his ears.

Date a man for breakfast, and be at your most natural and most unguarded, too. Order a hearty omelette instead of a healthy salad; drink hot chocolate instead of red wine; and be candid and playful and sunshiney as you’d like to be–because that’s how you are and that’s how you’d like to be seen.

Date a man for breakfast, and you’ll soon discover if he makes you feel completely at ease, enough to share life details and family photos, random hopes and dreams, and candid ideas for your next meal together (even if you’re not sure when or how you’re ever going to see each other again).

Date a man for breakfast, at a quaint and lovely café you’re both trying for the first time. Hop on the back of his vintage motorbike and see his city through his eyes, in a way even he hasn’t seen yet before. Make a shared memory you would both like to keep, and you will soon wish you had more time for more moments that you’d like to make with him.

And after that date, wish for a miracle, and pray, and allow serendipity to unfold.

When that happens, don’t let that rare chance pass you by. Go out on a limb to get to know him, and you’ll soon discover that there is more to him–and more to you both–than just a breakfast date at a quiet café named Hideaway.

Let the early-morning breakfasts roll into leisurely lunches; let the afternoon walks turn into dinner talks. Take the time, really take the time, to know what else is beautiful and rare and true about the person in front of you.

You might soon discover that, more than your complementary tastes in music and movies and poetry (!), you also know a thing or two about having loved and lost and given it all; or that you share similar values at home and at work; or that you can have the most fun just staring at a volcano and making up silly stories, or playing board games that let you conquer or save the world.

You just might find someone who holds your hand in just the right way, someone you’d love to share your joys with, someone you’re not afraid to cry with, someone who makes you believe that you can still fulfill those deeply-buried and almost-forgotten dreams– because he sees it in you and you believe in what he sees.

When that happens, wish for a miracle, pray, and allow serendipity to unfold.

Because you never know what the future will bring. You never know when you’ll be in the same physical space again–but you’ll just have to trust that everything that happens, happens for a reason. Your mere meeting was a product of serendipity, and everything else that happened after that, a miracle. Everything was unexpected; everything was a gift.

Be grateful for every moment, every memory, every word–because as fleeting as they may be, they were real and they were true, and they are now a part of you.

So my dear, date a man for breakfast–and dare to open up your day to what could lead you to the greatest discoveries of your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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