A Short List Of The Places I’ve Cried Recently

1. That one haunted shelf-pathway in our library.

Our library (which is 400+ years old by the way) has the shelves placed in such a way that it forms little hallways, and there is this once specific area that whenever you go there, you’d feel like someone is watching you, sometimes even peeking on your shoulders, and it’s always extremely cold, the kind of cold that sends chills down your spine. Despite the creepiness of that area, I needed a quick cry so I just ran in there and ignored the fact that was probably a ghost watching me.

2. Under my table in our classroom.

I just experienced a bad breakup, and I was missing my ex during lunchtime in school. I was too embarrassed to let my classmates see me cry, so I hid under my table and started bawling my eyes out, trying to make as few sounds as I could. Good thing the classroom was so noisy that no one heard my muffled cries.

3. An art shop.

I was listening to a radio drama on my phone while walking around an art shop to buy paint. When the episode finally came to an incredibly sad part, I couldn’t help myself and I got all teary-eyed. An old lady beside me asked me if I was alright and I just told her that I had a bad cold as an excuse.

4. Inside a bus, during a 10-hour trip.

We went on a field trip to a museum/resort that was ten hours away from my university. The destination was great, but the road travel was NOT! Everyone was asleep on the way home so I was just on my lonely bus seat, quiet, contemplating how stressful my life is until I cried.

5. At a sandwich shop.

I ate dinner with some friends the other day at this very popular sandwich shop, and this couple on the table beside ours was breaking up. Apparently, they’re engaged (yes, we were eavesdropping) and the girl wanted out, The guy was giving such a heartfelt goodbye speech that me and my friends got teary-eyed although, his girlfriend remained poker-faced.

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