This Is What Happens When You Finally Find The One

Unsplash, Jamie Street
Unsplash, Jamie Street

Eventually, you’ll meet the one who is going to show you why it never worked out with anyone else.

Who will look at you like you’re the only girl on Earth — and you’ll believe it. Who will listen to your thoughts and fears, never judging them. Who will text you during the day without any hesitation, just to know how you are feeling.

Who will never say “I love you” out of habit, but because he truly means it. Who will think you are pretty even when wearing pajamas and a messy bun on a Sunday morning. Who will stay home with you, watching a movie and warming your belly when you are feeling period pains.

Who will introduce you to his family and friends with no fear, because he’s proud to have you by his side. Who will eat caramel ice cream on the couch while watching Master Chef at dawn. Who will hold you when you’re about to fall. Who will encourage you when you feel lost. Who will sing loudly in the car just to make you smile when you haven’t had a good day.

Who will help you to build confidence and love yourself. Who will put in the effort with your friends and family.

You will look at him and realize how much you can love someone over and over again. You will learn to love the little things — that trip you made to the beach when he was the driver and you were the DJ, the way he looks at you when you are waking up, the butterflies he gives you every time you see him.

He’ll encourage you to pursue your craziest goals — running a 10K, buying a bakery, owning your own library. It doesn’t matter how insane you dreams are, because he will always be your biggest fan.

He’ll go with you to that new bar that has just opened and also to the cinema to watch an animation. He’ll always say ‘yes’ to your plans.

He’ll kiss your forehead from the time you wake to the time your eyes are about to close. He’ll cover you when you are shrinking to sleep and pull you closer when you’re having nightmares.

He’ll send you cute quotes when you least expect it, videos of the dog breed you intend to buy, and texts in the middle of an unbearable class.

He’ll try to impress you every single day by buying flowers after an amazing dinner and wearing that shirt and fragrance you love.

He’ll hold your hand every time he can — on the street, under the table, in front of his family and friends. He’ll make you laugh like no one else can.

He’ll plan a romantic night on your anniversary just to see you smile. He’ll bring you to your favorite restaurant, wear your favorite outfit, and buy your favorite flowers.

You’ll feel confident, loved, and genuinely happy. You will find joy in the simplest things. You will see how beautiful life can be. You’ll learn to love not only his blue eyes or perfect smile, but also his flaws. You’ll learn that home is wherever you’re together.

You’ll understand that one little fight is not going to decide whether you’re going to be married or not. That true love needs daily work. That the most important thing is never giving up. That great things take time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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