Just Go With It

woman wearing black long-sleeved top
Jose Ros Photo / Unsplash

I’ll take your stranger hands and let’s run away from here. To unknown places that I hope no one knows and nobody cares. Where every eyes is a stranger and every smile is wonder. Let’s discover what lies behind every possibilities and vagueness of life.

Forget about directions, discover as you run through memories, lives, magic and surprises. There, we will find the path that will lead us to miracles. For once, leave your plans behind. Burn your itineraries, to do list and goals. You have all the time. All you could taste is this moment so run and just go with it. Embrace the unknown and we will be carefree.

Along the way of this uncertain adventures awaits wild serendipity, fulfilling happiness, shameless wishes, radical ideas, sometimes witless decisions but I swear, those eyes will sparkle and soon heaven will be very fond of you that this time and perhaps always, you will get whatever your heart desire.

As you constantly discover, you will simultaneously yearn for more. You will look for whatever is on the other side of the horizon, and as you question, you will move miles to uncover and to seek for answers.

You are not the only one. You will meet lost wanderers who will tell you how to make the sun rise and and that tears dry up in less than a minute. Some will teach you how to perfectly dance in the rain, how to follow the winds, where to chase the brightest stars and most, will walk with you and wash your worries into the sea.

The dust won’t settle, it will always be moving, from places to places and people to people. Let the universe do its part to amend roads that you will pass, and all you have to do is wander.

Whatever you get, embrace it with love. And happiness, hopefully you don’t just find but more than anything else, you experience.

And wherever life takes you, it will always be somewhere beautiful. No need to worry, that’s wasting time. Remember that brave souls last longer and wild hearts don’t rust. TC mark

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